Monday, July 2, 2012

The Killer B's: Bed, Bath and Betances

Two years ago, Yangeeks endlessly fantasized the farm system's "Killer B's:" Andrew Brackman, Manny Banuelos and Dellin Betances - three stud pitchers destined for NYC.

Unfortunately, the Brack never found a pitching motion worth using twice; he's now a Red. Banuelos is hurt; Team Cashman assures us he's not Tommy John, but he might have another lost Pavano season. And Betances last week was flat-out demoted - something you don't see often - from the Traveling Wilkes Barres to Trenton. Looks good coming off the bus. But it might be headed to Brackmanville.

Thus, the Killer B's should be renamed the Andruw Joneses, as in 0 for 3.

Actually, we could watch a neat competition, a metaphor for the American education system. There were The Killer B’s - highly touted and revered by all - and the Nobodies, who nobody knows. The latter group include Adam Warren, David Phelps and ever lesser known nobodies – I’d choose DJ Mitchell – guys who never made a half-court shooting distance of Baseball America's Top 100. Still, they they kept putting up decent numbers at Scranton, and thus far have produced more for the Yankees than the totally hotsheet B’s, who still have given us absolutely nothing. Nada. Zippo.

So it looked like a victory for the underdog - until Adam Warren got slaughtered this weekend. He sort of negated anything David Phelps had done, which wasn’t much. We’ve hoped the sum total of the Nobodies could fill one starter pitcher slot for eight weeks. We might be wrong.

So it’s the last remnants of the lost B’s against the Nobodies – who might not be worth getting to know.

Is it possible that our farm system needs some changing?

(So what happened this weekend? Brackman goes to Trenton and pitches lights out. Six scoreless innings. Walks three. (Which for Betances is Sandy Koufax-style command.) So now we're back to wondering, will the Killer B's return?)

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Alphonso said...

No they won't. They were lies from the beginning.

DeWayne Wise is a better pitcher than any of them.