Friday, July 13, 2012

Can El Duque Dominate the Second Half?

Before we plunge into the back half of 2012, let's take a moment to absorb and acknowledge the thrilling late-career surge of El Duque.

It started with the book and ended with the six-game drinking streak. Those two history-making feats bookended a firehose blast of poems and polls, letters and lists, worries and gripes, unleashed with a reckless extravagance that bloggers half Duque's age can only envy.

Even if we acknowledge the occasional disastrous misstep--and even if the experts are right and he collapses down the stretch--2012 will long be remembered for the magic El Duque brought to the game.


Deebagg said...

Dear Mustang (and El Duque):

This blog has always set a high standard for baseball journalism. You have been the standard against which all others should be judged.

Now, like David Cameron and the entire London police force, we find you guys all cozied up in bed with Rupert Murdoch and his evil minions? Rather than insightful journalism, you have crappy ads and links to stupid blogs no one cares about? What happened to you? Sold out? I am beyond disgusted!

Heed the words of Denis Lemieux. " the box... two minutes... feel shame..."

You bend over for Bud Selig and cut out the videos and win warbles. Now you're so deep in Rupert's Evil Pockets that he's using you for his personal pocket pool cue?

You have my sympathies.

Your devoted reader,


Mustang said...

Resistance is futile, Deebag.

You will be assimilated.

Michael Kay said...

Check out the low standard of journalism of the next post

Deebagg said...

Proud of being controlled by the Borg? Next thing you're going to tell me is that you Peter Gammons was right all these years, that we've been far too harsh on Youk and Manny, Theo and John Henry (never trust a person with two first names); and now we're aren't showing sufficient respect for all the poor stumblebums currently wearing the Red Pajamas.

I bet that you really miss Windows NT and that you can't wait for the new Blackberry to come out, too.

As quoted before, " the box... two minutes... feel shame..."