Saturday, July 7, 2012

LIVE DB: I don't have time to argue semantics with Alphonso

Can't last much longer.

Two games today.

Must keep drinking to keep team on top.

Derek needs me.

Whole team needs me.

Can't let friends down.

Must keep going.

Head hurts.

What would Bukowski do?


Alphonso said...

Just don't spiral a dog today. This Ju-Ju has a carry-over effect. 10-8.

pepitone said...

My advice to you El Duque is to continue drinking,....heavily.

Mustang said...

Its not "semantics" when you leave half the story out. But of course a journalist wouldn't know that.

F. Phelan - Albany said...

I know Bukowski and he would turn off the sound and put something by Tom Waits on while watching the game. Besides he is probably a Cubs fan.