Saturday, July 7, 2012

Everyone Keep An Eye On El Duque Today

El Duque is drinking for 5 days straight at an undisclosed, upstate New York, lake-side location.

This, I applaud.

However, in his now euphoric state, I fear he may take a fall.  Mentally.

He has buddies, he has food, he has beer, and he has a grill.

The danger is that he lapses in his newly learned, Ju-Ju vigilance and re-starts his rant about the "ultimate hot dog," better known as the dreaded and damaging spiral.

Please keep a watchful eye.  We eked out a win last night on fumes.  I think there can be more carry over today.

But the slightest mention of a spiral hot dog, much less the cooking of one, will turn the tables.

This is a fragile issue.

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manx said...

With today's win the Yankees have tied their High Water Mark at 19 and they can go over their High Water Mark with another win and go 20 games over .500.