Wednesday, July 18, 2012

We are now 35-11 since the International Juju Intervention

Well, OK, we won, we beat Toronto, we shut them out, we swept them, and we injured two of their best players. Yeah, OK, I'll grant you, things could be worse.

But if you think for ONE MINUTE we - as determined Yankee fans -- should be satisified, GET OUT. LEAVE NOW. ROOT FOR THE TWINS.

Remember: This is the New York Yankees we are following here. And this "success" is merely an illusion. If we don't win the 2012 World Series, was it real? Of course not. It will have been nothing more than a bad trip on bath salts.

That said, we must note again that the fulcrum point in the 2012 Yankee season occurred the night of May 21, when Yankee jujuists across the globe put on an unprecedented display of destructive power. That night, with the team struggling near .500, this website launched an International Juju Intervention -- you can look it up -- and the results have been, frankly, terrifying.

That night, we tapped into an incredible power source, one nobody could have imagined. Since May 22, the day after the Juju Intervention, the Yankees have gone 35-11. They have been the best team in baseball.

Did we shoot the juju moon too early? Did we use too much juju? Did we open the juju tap that night, and have we been unable to turn it off, to regulate it, to ration it for the hard drives of October?

Well, OK. We won today. I wish we could just keep playing Toronto at home. But we can't. Oh well. Things could be worse.


manx said...

Not only that, but John's High Water Mark has reached 23 games over .500. Our lead over Texas for best record and homefield is now at 2 and our lead over those four other peasants of the AL East is currently at 10.

Pollyanna said...

do not be deceived by numbers. you can get them to say anything. Fact is, the Yankees' advantage is tenuous at best, and the whole thing could come crashing down on our heads at any moment. I know this from reading this blog.