Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Read This Once And Forget Everything Else You See Or Hear On The Subject

 Brett Gardner's injury has still not been properly diagnosed. Until it is, and until he exits the Hospital For Special Surgery with a successful operation, he is not playing baseball again.  He does not need more rest.  He needs repair.  I have been saying this since he went away.  And you all know that.  So take a deep breath, have a dozen manhattans, and forget about how the team will benefit from his return this season.

Joba Chamberlain also should not return this season.  I know he is working hard and " committed" to reappear in the Bronx following his ( "I was only being a good Dad,") trampoline injury, but it is a mistake.  Perhaps a career mistake.  The certainty is that the ankle will not be properly healed to absorb the strain a major league pitcher puts on an ankle.  There is the added risk that he will "adjust" his motion to compensate for the weakened appendage, thereby hurting his arm or back.  We have to eat the dirty and bitter truth and recognize that he should stay away until spring.  This is an official warning as well as sound advice.

The same goes for the idiotic rumors surrounding the miracle man, Mariano Rivera.  He is out for the season and must remain so.

This team is what we have.  A massive give-away of the few A level prospects we have for an over the hill outfielder who has lost 4 steps is not worth the decade of agony that will follow.

But, since Cashman is likely to depart the Yankees soon anyway, why not make one more grandstand blunder?  Why not take a 100-1 shot that this team can be improved enough to go beyond round one?  I fear this is exactly what Cashman will do.  And he has little to lose.

Brian;  that woman gets out of Rikers soon.  I suggest you concentrate on that deadline, not the trading deadline.

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