Sunday, July 1, 2012

A troubling revelation about John Sterling

Friday night, an old friend from beyond the known Yankiverse visited. I've known the guy for 40 years, and I've tried to save his soul. But he always resisted the Yankees. He never understood. He never believed.

While we listened to the Yankees condemn humankind to the plague of losing to Chicago - a loss that, by the way, may have resulted from me trying again to save my juju-less friend - I attempted to explain the critical importance of Yankee baseball. It was like explaining Descartes to a frog. I was patient. I was gracious. It was hopeless. We lost 10-7.

But in the course of the night, this fellow said something that still bothers me. We were listening to The Master bemoan the opening night jitters of Adam Warren, when my friend said:
"This announcer sounds like Paula Poundstone."

Paula Poundstone? WTF? Is this 1983? Who remembers what Paula Poundstone's voice sounds like, unless your radio only gets NPR? Paula Poundstone?

Yesterday, I listened to John. Every pitch, every play, every ad for New York LIfe, all I could think of was...

Paula Poundstone.

This is a problem. Somebody, please, tell me John does NOT sound like Paula Poundstone.


KBrooklyn said...

No, absolutely not! Unfortunately, I had to relive via Youtube Paula Poundstone's oeuvre to make sure I remembered correctly, and no, The Master is safe and secure, he is his own man, deeply resonant with his own cadence, style, grace and rhythm. Me thinks your 'friend' knows juuuuust how to ruffle your feathers, in the future, just bend like the willow Grasshopper!

BernBabyBern said...

Ok, I will get that disturbing image out of your head.

John does not sound like Paula Poundstone.

Actually, I think Paula Poundstone sounds like John and Suzyn's love child.

How's THAT for a disturbing image?

Mustang said...

Could he have meant Suzyn?

JM said...

Although that would also explain the odd penchant for old Broadway musicals. But not as well as sounding like Mo Rocca would.