Friday, July 6, 2012

Live Drung Block (Continued): God save the Empire State Yankees

Diddi mish somepin? (Did I miss something?) We din't play, right? No game. As in, "NO GAME TODAY." Because I somehow thought this was July, when baseball players play baseball games. But we didn't play. Instead, we dropped Dave Phelps to all the way to Trenton.

Why did we drop David Phelps all the way to Double A Trenton? Simple.

Because the Empire State/Scranton Wilkes Barre Yankee Triple A club has to be the most godforsaken, depressing team in history. Who wants to play for a team that's always visiting, always traveling, which is filled with guys who once were prospects and now are viewed as spare parts, like a kidney farm in a bad Robin Cook novel. Good grief, what a way to blow a young player's morale?
Wait a minute. Where was I? Boston? IT'S A BOSTON WEEKEND. Last time we played them, didn't they blow the big lead? Wasn't it their birthday party weekend at Fenway?

Yeesh. Big game tonight. I gotta get back to the music. Last night, Pink Floyd. Tonight, Frank Turner... I still believe...


JM said...

Good thing George is gone. I remember when a young pitcher had one bad outing, bang, down to the minors or traded. Now he needs to have one bad and one pretty good outing.

Progress marches on.

Tex Message said...

It gets worse. While I appreciate that Dewayne. Wise. is winning the YEOTM, I have heard rumblings that he is about to be demoted as well.

Alphonso said...

Whatever happens, do not spiral a hot dog until the Yankees lose a game !

Mustang said...

Alphonso, el duque is leaving the spiral-cut hot dogs out of the story--and you're letting him. When are you going to tell our readers about el duque's shameful role in the Yankees' losses in Tampa?

Alphonso said...

I did notice, and wonder if he was simply too drunk to remember the key issue.

However, I do not, repeat not, intend to let a sleeping dog lie.

However, the proper timing is not, I believe, during his 5 day Hobart drunk.

I want him sober and clean when the truth rains down.

Relax in knowing that the spiral story will out.

Murdoch is behind me on this.

bennyboy said...

If Wise is demoted I'm going to have a nervous breakdown.

Tex Message said...

Re: Wise