Monday, July 23, 2012

The Panic Sets In - Day One

Chaos and disorder.

Madly scurrying away under the cover of darkness.

Heading anywhere.  Getting nowhere.

Shooting blindly from the center of a revolving room.

The out of control whirlwind that is Brian Cashman is working the phones.

Quick Result:  The Yankees have just acquired 45 year old, former singles slapper Ichiro Suzuki for three players;  rumored to be Banuelos, Williams and D.J. Mitchell.  Plus, Seattle agreed to take our last three number one draft picks ( actually, this is no loss as the Yankees haven't had a useful draft selection since Derek Jeter).

And even though Ichiro now runs as if he was nursing a hammy, is hitting a weak .261 and is planning shoulder replacement at season's end, this dramatic "steal" of Seattle's throw away lunch meat demonstrates the Yankee's commitment to winning ( again ).

Has anyone noticed, by the way, that as the Yankees near the opening of tonight's series with Seattle,  JESUS is hitting everything in sight? And, he is hitting with power.

But we now have another over-the-hill player after whom we have lusted for twenty seasons.  He has had his all star years.  He has been a great baseball player.  A tribute to japan.

And now he increases the average age of the Yankees' line-up.

Nice coup Brian.


Anonymous said...

Another homer on Suzuki's road to the HoF, sponsored by Jeep!

Mustang said...

He's a cheap rental, and he'll bring back some of the speed the Yankees lost with Gardner. Anyone got a problem with Ichiro got a problem with MUSTANG.

Matt G said...

... Driven by Suzuki!

Mustang Sucks said...

Suzyn, tonight's Nestle Nutty Mustang Comment is brought to you by Ford. Ford, quality cars for a quality life.

Anonymous said...

I know this ain't a Sterling live blog but... Did he seriously just compare the Itcherrroh trade to trading for Ruth?

BernBabyBern said...

Ruth who? Buzzi?

Anonymous said...

I had to google that. You're old.

BernBabyBern said...

I prefer "experienced"

BernBabyBern said...

And, well, so is Ichiro.

(Old, that is. And experienced.)

And, for that matter, so is Ruth Buzzi.

Mustang said...

I'm alarmed that kids today don't know Ruth Buzzi!

pepitone said...

Russell Martin currently has more HR's than Montero and has the same on base percentage.