Sunday, July 8, 2012

Live DB continued: (Final day)

This live drunk blogging is tough enough when you're playing one game. Two is hell. One more day to go. One more day. To. Go. Now what do we do with Andruw Jones? He finally got hot yesterday, so we can't dump him. But do we really need another guy who only hits HRs? And now that Freddy Garcia (bless his heart) has claimed the Pettitte slot for the next six weeks (at least for now), will Adam Warren ever be heard from again? And wither goest Dewayne Wise?


Mustang said...

The surge is working, duque. We're up 2-1. Pound those beers. It's the last day of drinking before the All Star break, so you've got no reason to hold back.

Alphonso said...

One good thing for you, Duque, is that you can spiral hot dogs today.

The Ju-Ju was good for three games.

And the tank is now empty.

Spiral away.

manx said...

Did anyone hear John's hit new song? "You say Nova and I say Nava."

Joe De Pastry said...

I don't know about Wise, but I think we've seen enough of Darnell and his plastic back of locks.