Monday, July 23, 2012

Reaction from a Mariner mole in Seattle

A Mariner fan, who recently visited from Seattle, says:

I happened to see Mitchell pitch on TV last week in Syracuse and thinking, "wow, the Yankees bullpen must be really hurting to have this guy out there late in a close game." Even if neither pitcher amounts to anything, I am glad the Mariners made this deal, as he clearly had no place in their future, if indeed they have a future. 

As much of a fan of his as I am, he perpetually confounded me, even in the good times. The last two years have been painful at times. He is ALWAYS who he is, as I wrote in his rookie year, the International Man of Mystery. 

 Before this season started, I thought a perfect exit would be a trade deadline deal, but he seemed disinterested in that at first. More recently I was afraid they would resign him, clearly a blunder. This is a blessing for him and the Mariners. I hope going to a pennant race rejuvenates him, but the NY media will be sorely disappointed if they expect to get anything out of him while he's there.

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