Thursday, July 12, 2012

Will There Ever Be More Baseball?

This is what it now looks like in my tv room, next to the couch.

Ever since the Yankees left Boston with a win, the only baseball available has been " classic moments " re-runs of Mets games, or the Brooklyn Cyclones playing some team from steel country.

If it was the Staten Island Yanks on the tube, I would watch.  But the Mets' short summer league team has prospects and is, therefore, painful for me to watch.  And while the Yanks' summer team is loaded with waste material, they are still called, Yankees.

So I sit here drinking beer and eating tacos until the stupid and dull all star game break finally passes, like a corncob through a bowel.

Is there baseball tonight?

If not, I'm going to drink moonshine, which is now legal in my state.

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