Friday, July 13, 2012

A Special Welcome For Ty Hensley

We would like to extend a special welcome to the newest Yankee, Ty Hensley.

Your room is ready and we can do the work anytime you are ready.

It is our recommendation that you have the surgery sooner, rather than later.

Why waste all those frustrating days working out?

Do you really want the humiliation of not making it through two innings in your first outing?

Think of the damage to your reputation, your future " trade value."

In addition, there is only a one in twenty chance you would be any good, even if healthy.

We hope to do for you what we did for Andy Brackman.

No, make that for Raphael Santana.

Last thought.  Have you considered developing a knuckleball?

See you soon.  Shoulder surgeons are on the 6th floor.

Welcome to the Yankees' roster of young pitchers.


JM said...

He can room with Pineiro. Hey, isn't that Doctor Bobby Brown? Holy cow, he looks good for his age. Nice scalpel.

Anonymous said...