Thursday, July 26, 2012

SEELY SHOCK: Rizzuto, Rumsfeld Two Peas In Pod

Seely: Basically, Rumsfeld and Rizzuto are the same critter: Old guys trying to tap dance. The difference is that Phil had the grace to stick with what he was meant to do: Broadcast Yankee games. He didn’t try to run wars. Rumsfeld looked out at the adoring media throngs and drank his own Kool-Aid. He saw himself as wise and whimsical. Listen, Barbash – the day you start running around, thinking yourself wise and whimsical, it’s over. Pack it in.
Rumpus: Listen Seely. I loved the Scooter. I listened to the Scooter growing up, and Donald Rumseld is no Phil Rizzutto.
Seely: They are astral twins, carbon copies, bone marrow matches. Seriously.
What outrageous thing will the author of "The Juju Rules" say next?

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