Thursday, July 12, 2012

Is it my imagination, or is the All-Star break longer this year?

I dunno. I must be losing my mind. But somewhere in the back of my head, next to memories of my Pogs collection, I thought the All-Star break only lasted three days. It started Monday, climaxed with the game on Tuesday, the teams reunited Wednesday, and they started playing again Thursday. Right?

Obviously, I'm hallucinating. Yep, I've lost it, bigtime. Please accept my apologies. The fathers of baseball, traditionalists that they are, would never tamper with the All-Star break schedule. What would be the point? Add an extra day, and you might finish the World Series on Thanksgiving.

Bath salts. Man, I gotta quit 'em.  

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Joe Hill said...

Hey, I thought you were a union man. This 4-day vacay is a union deal to make up for the onerous work weeks before and after the AS break. Get with it, man! You're either fer us or agin us.