Sunday, December 2, 2012

Cashman Will Make Time For Local Talent Evaluation At Winter Meetings, Excited About "Free Gourmet Meal For Two"

Seniors Dining

Always a master of time management, Brian Cashman will once again wear multiple hats at the upcoming Winter Meetings, set to begin tomorrow in Nashville, TN.

Cashman will oversee tryouts at Nashville's Park Manor Apartments from 2-4 p.m. on Tuesday, December 4.

"We feel like two hours is probably cutting it close," Cashman said.  "But we need to give the players time to get cleaned up before Matlock comes on at 5."

Cashman hopes to sign "two or three" players and will emphasize base running and plate discipline.   

Players must bring their own equipment.

Following the conclusion of Matlock, all players are invited to join Cashman for a free gourmet meal in the Park Manor Senior Living Community dining room.

UPDATE!  (9:02 a.m.)

The threat of rain and cool temperatures (high of 66) on Tuesday will bring tryouts indoors to the Park Manor Senior Living Community Multipurpose room, which is located across the hall from the dining room.


JM said...

Hold on. If they watch Matlock at 5, they're going to miss the Early Bird because they wouldn't make it to the restaurant before 6:30 or so.

I think somebody is pulling your leg here.

el duque said...

I think Cashman is going to come home with Roger Clemens.