Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Question: Did Cashman know about A-Rod's injury before yesterday?

Damned if I know.

But if he did have, say, a week's headzup, could he have made a deal or signed Eric Chavez?

The price of thirdbasemen jumped yesterday. And right now, we don't have one.


Anonymous said...

And now they are pursuing ex-RedSux Puke-less. Great, just great.

Anonymous said...

Why is A-ROID waiting until
January to get this surgery?

JM said...

Maybe there's a waiting list for labrum surgery by multi-millionaire doctors for multi-millionaire sports stars. Either that or everyone wanted to take December off and get drunk over the holidays.

Or maybe Alex wanted to celebrate Hannukah, the docs wanted Christmas and Kwanzaa, so they decided to raise the capital gains tax by 1.5% and cut school lunch programs to the bone, thereby pushing surgery into the new year.

Yeah, that's probably it.