Sunday, December 16, 2012

Did Mickey Mantle Make The Rules For Baseball?

Answer at 1:34, but WATCH THE WHOLE THING. 


JM said...

I never knew that only 144,000 Christians will be taken up in the Rapture. That's pretty small potatoes. Doesn't say a whole hell of a lot for Christians in general, does it? Even the Bible thinks creepy guys like this deserve to be left behind, especially with that 'false prophets' crack. Not very Christian. And that beard. Pagan. Pagan to the core.

Somewhere Jesus is laughing his ass off. He and Buddha and the Prophet Mohammed and Abraham must get together and cry doubled over with laughter when they see these people.

'Hey, Peter! Peter! Get Mother Theresa, ya gotta see this wackjob on YouTube! Bring some dip!'

They have dip in heaven, you know. I didn't need some goofball preacher to know that.

Anonymous said...

what a stupid thing to post. guess you will be saved mustang. no one wants to have sex with you.

el duque said...

I interviewed Bill Tapley once.

Alphonso said...

I didn't interview Bill Tapley but I did stick a condom covered plastic jesus up his ass when he was 13.

That's why he can feel the rapture today.

It is so comforting that someone's DNA created this wacko.

We can only wish they had used a condom.

el duque said...

He was a nice guy.