Monday, December 3, 2012


I'm looking at a reflection of myself, or should I say, of Yankees, 2012?

Is it true that A-Rod is turning the other hip?  

When he does come back ( think September, 2013 ) will he be his usual svelte and speedy self?

Will he be ready for the double-headers and 11 game trips to the coast?

Are we looking to pay $26 million to watch him limp around?  Again?

I do understand that this is just bad planning.  The Yankees can do little.

Is this why Cashman was willing to drop himself off a building the other day?

Is Derek in a boot?

Does Mariano want to win now?

Now we don't know who's on third, in right or behind the dish.  And have worries about our shortstop's range. 

Are we looking at the same outcome in 2013 as 2012?

Are we gliding toward an exact reflection of that?

I'll let you know from Tampa.


JM said...

Don't be absurd, Alphonso. We'll probably be much worse than this year.

Maybe Cash should just trade everyone and field kids from the minors. At least the season would be interesting.

Bye Bye Balboni said...

Alphonso, given the team we're going to field in 2013, 95 wins and a trip to the ALCS would be spectacular. I could, however, do without a repeat of the last four games and the astounding classlessness of Yankees fans, who booed A-Rod mercilessly, blamed Nick Swisher for everything from Jeet's broken ankle to their grandmothers' psoriasis, and didn't even bother showing up for postseason games. That's more pathetic than any lineup the Yanks can put out there next year.