Thursday, December 27, 2012

Who Cares?

The current poll on this site focuses on who will be our catcher in 2013.

Given the choices, I think we should go without one.  I mean, seriously, with those choices there is no choice.

Stick another old guy in the outfield and just deal with wild pitches when men are on base.

Maybe Andruw Jones will be freed from his contract in Japan, and he can come back as a short left center/right center guy, like in beer league softball. He does need to distance himself from loved ones, I gather.

I think we need a poll on, " who will be the first Yankee starter ( position player or pitcher ) to incur a significant injury in 2013, and spend meaningful time on the DL?"  And in what month will his tweak occur?

I really think this Yankee season is going to be a joke.  It is going to be like watching the Jets disintegrate.

Oh well.


SanJoseKid said...

"Hats for bats!" The JuJu rules spell doom. Jayson stole the liquor out of Serrano's locker. Quickly, sacrifice a chicken, Alphonso.

Anonymous said...

You know what Casey said when he was asked why the Mets drafted Hobie Landreth first in the expansion draft -- "Well, you got to have a catcher. Otherwise, the ball rolls all the way to the backstop when the pitcher throws the ball."