Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Yankee quote of the year: "Beggars can't be choosers."

The great run started with Derek Jeter's rookie season, some 17 summers ago: A string of Yankee teams that challenged for every pennant, chased every post-season, aimed for every ring. With one rancid exception - the injury riddled 2008 - the Yankees played in every October. Through terror attacks, superstorms and the general roil and rot of civilization, the Yankees ruled the back pages and defined New York City by their pride and domination. They spent to win. They played to win.

Oh well. Fun while it lasted. Not anymore.

This winter, influenced by a salary cap installed by socialistic owners, the Yankees have changed quietly ceded their mantle. Despite a lineup with gaping holes, they let major free agents walk and didn't even make offers to the biggest stars on the market. And during the winter meetings, when Brian Cashman was asked the Yankees would chase important players, the GM answered clearly. 

 "Beggars can't be choosers," he said.

Let that sink in, folks. Because it's the new reality.

Some NYC Gammonites have recently written booster stories about the 2013 Yankees, saying Toronto and Tampa don't look that good. (This was before Boston landed Drew and the closer from Pittsburgh, continuing to load up.) But study the rosters that have won in October lately, and you see young teams entering their primes - not near-40somethings, which is what we will field this year.

It's hard to imagine the wheels staying on the bus through August, much less September. And our top prospects still haven't surpassed Double AA - the level that notoriously culls the herd. Even if they get past Trenton with their Sickels "B-plus" ratings intact, don't expect help in September.

Next year, we hit the Steinbrothers' self-imposed $189 million salary cap. If the brothers truly intend to stick to it - and why wouldn't they, after collapsing the team for two years in advance - it's hard to imagine how they will keep Robbie Cano. Do the math, folks. There's a limit to how much money a team can tie up into a few star players.

Thus, I submit that the team should hang a banner over Yankee Stadium with the motto for 2013 and beyond clear for all to read:

"Beggars can't be choosers."

Happy New York, everybody. 


Swinging Kei said...

Shouldn't you be using the pic of Homeless Jeter from that crappy movie ?

Kyle Farnsworth said...

Look at the 5 o'clock shadow and the gimpy arm. That guy MUST be Carl Pavano, in front of Yankee Stadium.

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