Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Good news from the dirt leagues, the Yankees may finally have found a smart way to spend their money

Today, we celebrate great breaking trivial molecular insider beisbol news in the Yankiverse:

This year, we will field a second Gulf Coast League team. We already have the Yankees. Now, will have Yankees 2... or Yankees B, or maybe the Yankee Trolly Frogs, I dunno. Name 'em and claim 'em. Doesn't matter. What matters is this:

We're finally using all those gobs of gold to get a leg up on the opposition.

This could be an advantage, long term. (Until the other billionaires prohibit it, because it cuts into their profits. The current fake-salary cap system forbids us to spend on free agents, because the owners only practice free-market capitalism when it lines their pockets. If it costs them money, they become pink-underwear commies.)

But this is a chance to spend our extra money on player development. An extra minor league team gives our youngest prospects get more innings and at bats. A few should move faster through the system, and a rare gem gets more of a chance to emerge from the slag heap. Best of all: When the Yankees 1 play the Yankees 2, we can't lose! Good grief, which team will I root for? (Normally, I'd be partial to Number 1, but those plucky Number 2s - damn, you gotta love them!)

Of course, the Gulf Coast is the dirt league, a notch above American Legion ball. And it's cheap. Probably the biggest expense is the uniforms. But last year, it seemed as though we had no place to give kids their first taste of pro experience. Some would sign early and still only get 40 at bats for the season. Now, maybe they get 150.

This means a potential advantage - because we freakin' need one. At the free agent level, we are Syria. Next year, we may lose Robbie Cano, because we're pushing for a $189 million payroll with $75 million tied to Jete, CC, A-Rod and Tex. Grandy is all but gone. And if Andy and Mo decide to stay, we'll end up putting uniforms on janitors.

This gives us a bigger intake, so we can pour more grist into the pipeline. The full-season Charleston team will now have two rosters from which to pull. It should be stocked to the gill with prospects.

This might not pay dividends for five years. But damn... at last, we're using our money for something beyond propaganda and lawyers. And you know, when the Yankees 1 play the Yankees 2, maybe I'll just root for a tie!

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Alphonso said...

We have better prospects in the south Mexican dirt field league.

We have no prospects playing in the US .

And certainly none in pinstripes.