Sunday, December 9, 2012

2013 will Soon Ring Itself In. Build Your Shelters Now.

The winter meetings are producing endless results.

Just not for the Yankees, unless you consider a 65 win season next year a good trend.

I buried a comment in this blog a few days back that you might as well all know;  I will not watch any Yankee game in which a Youklis plays for us. I hope someone tells him he has a better chance of reaching the playoffs in Oakland than in New York.

Paying him $12 million to be  a subversive for a year is simply unacceptable.

I don't understand why Cashman is still employed here. Depth is not an issue for him on a team laden with 40 year old players.  And we don't need quality young prospects.

 The worst of all is Randy Neuman, the man in charge of player development since way before George died.  Keeping him on the payroll is like keeping Madoff as the team's financial adviser, even with his new address in north carolina.  I hold those two turd disk jockeys in London who caused that woman's suicide in higher regard than the Yankee's player development program.

We all know that, at best, we have two skinny outfielders 2-3 years away from consideration ( for what, by the way?), and nothing else.  No pitching, no first or third basemen, no shortstop.  Our draft picks, I swear, would be better if we just drew names from a hat.  All our pitching prospects have turned to mulch.  If you want a prime example of old white men rewarding incompetence, just look to Yankee player development, and everyone associated with it.

I say Johnny Damon can play third.  Certainly, he can play right field.  And he is properly seasoned, at age 39, to bring down this team's average age.  Let's sign him so someone can speak with the media as we lose, day after day after day.

2013 is going to be the most tragic season in our history, save of course when Lou got sick and Thurman was killed in that plane accident.

 I mean tragic in the shakespearean sense;  players like Mariano will wilt, unused in the bullpen because we never need a closer;  Derek will heroically gimp his way to another " best on the team" season to no avail; Cano will be working the phones with Scott Boras to find some, "A-Rod like sucker team and a 10 year deal at $25million per year;" Andy will pitch to an ERA of 2.20 and have a record of 3-11 through July before he feels his initial "tweak" somewhere; Brett Gardner will throw out his arm again; and A-Rod will hit .200 in Trenton with 44 strikeouts working his way back to baseball shape in August.  Texiera will again tell us he will definitely go to the opposite field this year when the overshift is on.  Our own Iago.

A perfect storm is gathering with injuries, age, and horrible decisions by Cashman, Neuman, and the greedy and ignorant Steinbrothers.

It won't end until the team is sold.


Anonymous said...

DJ's are in Australia, and they caused her suicide as much as booing caused Hidecki Irabu's.

JM said...

Ah, Alfonso...haven't you realized by now that they DO pick the draftees' names out of a hat? Silly man.

You miss the big picture. Cashman is going to play third. Remember that lottery commercial with the Lotto winner who plays third on a big league team and the manager keeps making excuses for him to reporters? The braintrust gets its ideas from sometimes unlikely sources. Hal wanted to do it, but he's just not in shape. Cashman bounces down tall buildings! See?

I thought the clown parade died with old George, but I see now that it was just beginning.

I saw Jess Barfield's picture online the other day. The man is still in pretty good shape. Just saying.

Anonymous said...

I just want to know how Youk and Joba are going to get along? Like....not......