Monday, December 3, 2012

Yankee fans will have to wait six months to boo A-Rod

He's having another hip done. 

His is starting to look like a career in jeopardy. 

The left side of our Hall of Fame infield looks like a cancer ward.

Dare we expect Eric Chavez to last through July?

Will we even have Eric Chavez?

Will A-Rod ever be able to hold down third?

Can we buy out his contract?

Is this the splash Cashman talked about during the Winter Meetings?


manx said...

Bobby V has joined Cashman repelling down a building this year.

I'm Bill White said...

JM said...

'Med Pole'...yeah. I've seen a girl or two in a nurse's outfit on those.

SanJoseKid said...

Regarding media coverage of Pay-Rod's injury, did you see Curt Schilling's most recent pathetic attempt at journalism on ESPN? Assuming a grave look that is downright amusing on a guy who resembles a greying, overweight chipmunk, he pronounced Pay-Rod's injury a result of steroid use and proclaimed that the Yankees had legal justification for getting out of Pay-Rod's contract. Wow, Curt. You have a JD and an MD? Then get a real job and pay back the taxpayers of Massachusetts! Bad enough we had to watch this arrogant Red Sock pitch but now we have to endure him posturing as if he is Chief Justice Taney ruling on the Dred Scott Case? Agh! Throw in the bloody sock, please!