Wednesday, April 18, 2018

He'll Adjust...It is only April

I am adding to my collection of Giancarlo cards because, one day, it will be like having all Ty Cobb's cards.  And I can cash them out for bitcoins.

As you know, this man is my favorite Yankee.   I recently started a fan club for him on one of
 the ( unnamed ) social media sites and, so far, there are three "followers."  One seems to be a White House spokesperson ( you see her on tv a lot ) whose political views, and personal appearance, are not to my liking. But I digress.

And this is baseball.  So politics doesn't enter the dialogue.  But she lies a lot.  So how can I believe her interest in " Mike " is sincere?  Moving right along....

In any  case, I did a survey and 50% of the " followers " ( one abstention ) believe Giovanni is terrific, and simply going through an adjustment period.  The fact that he has been in the major leagues 8 years, and was MVP last year notwithstanding.  And being MVP in that other league...where pitchers hit for God's sake....doesn't mean much.

Think how you would perform if you were paid a guaranteed $265 million, and presented as
the cog that would bring us the championship?    That is a lot of pressure.  Add to that the dreary weather, and Mike's personal concerns for the welfare of those Yankees already on the DL.

And no one ever mentions that his strikeouts are already on the decline...only TWO in each of the last two games.  True, they tend to demoralize everyone east of the Mississippi River, and kill rallies.  But, as some intelligent blogger opined the other day, " it isn't Stanton that is killing the Yankees, it is our pitching."  If Stanton had homered four times yesterday, we still lose by a run!

It is also the fact that only one team in the world has more errors to date than we do.  When was the last time the Yankees all wore concrete gloves?  And the fact that Stanton has made a few of those errors, is not reason to give up on the man.  He is playing anew position.  The balls all look different, coming at him.   Same as in the locker room.

We all know he is going to " do his thing."  I heard Al Leiter say so.  I heard Aaron say so.  And O'neil and Coney. And that former catcher and his partner on the post game show.   Everyone with a head and a suit, knows that Giovanni ( Mike ) Stanton is going to deliver, and make his critics eat crow.

That's why he is my favorite.  Thank you Brian Cashman!

P.S.  If any of you have rookie cards of this future hero, I will buy them from you.  But you must take cryptocurrency.  You can sign up at "" or some such.


Anonymous said...

I don't have any Mike Stanton cards. Would you be interested in purchasing my cache of Rawly Eastwick cards instead?

Doug K.

13bit said...

Listen, I wasn't totally in love with the deal that brought him here, but I don't think Scranton Stanton is going to suck forever.

Remember that time Jeter had the abysmal season start? He was batting something like .195. or was it .095? Remember, they kept saying he was still "on the Interstate" with his BA?

Not saying these are equivalent situations, but it has been known to happen. And, at the time, I don't remember which of the announcers kept repeating it, but he would say "Look at the back of his baseball card" for an idea of his numbers by season's end.

Scranton Stanton will straighten his shit out, ultimately. What I'm MUCH more concerned with is pitching.

Alphonso said...

I agree. That is why I am plugging my support for him.

I want to be one of the " winners." One of the guys who said, " I told you so !"

I believe in this dude 100%.

And I want everyone to know it. In advance.

Before it becomes " easy" to support him.

That .200 average, those strikeouts, those abject failures when he had a chance to get us back in the game, and those errors?

They mean nothing to me.

Joe F said...

I think Thames needs to change that stance.... It worked with the scrubby NL pitchers who NEVER adjust to good hitting I.E Bryce Harper. It ain't workin here he's lagging on EVERYTHING.

Alphonso said...

He also " steps away from the ball" on half of his swings and misses.

"Stepping in the bucket," we used to call it in the South Mexican Dirt Field League.

That shows a understandable one....from when he took a fastball right in the face, and cost him a season.

Nonetheless, baseball players cannot play with fear.

Please read chapters 2-5, in "psychology 101" for tomorrow morning's class.

John M said...

To paraphrase the storied Hollywood scout who was sent to see Fred Astaire on Broadway: Can't hit. Can't field. Dances a little.