Saturday, April 21, 2018

I Am Worn Out .... Stop the Madness !

Adam Warren has checked into the infirmary.

We can only hope his " soreness" is real.  Otherwise, he sucks.

And who is that Italian guy ?  Gucci?  Lucci?

He wasn't here long enough for us to learn his name.

I am told he was a "Plan B" starter.  No more.

I hear the team is bringing back re-treads.  But not Chance Adams.

I promise you he is hiding an injury.  I can just feel Dr. Andrews lurking.

Sorry situation.

And rumors of Ellsbury having lock-jaw are not true.


Publius said...

Soxenfreude might help lift the gloom. Red Sox Nation is alleging Deep Sport conspiracy. No way Sean Maenea could have no hit their juggernaut offense. Benitendi was safe! Rule 509 is anachronistic and must be changed! A shortstop at full sprint with his back to the infield cannot make an error! Maenea's career ERA vs our Beloved Sox was over 10 coming into this game! Is Robert Mueller busy? We need an investigation! This could not have happened!

Rufus T. Firefly said...

It's not lockjaw next. It's rheumatism, as in Granny Clampett. Soon to be followed by dropsy and gout.