Saturday, April 21, 2018

Weird, weird, weird stats!

As a certain grumpy individual likes to remind us, it's early yet.  But how strange:

Red Sox vs. Yankees: 2-1
Red Sox vs. everyone else: 15-1

Blue Jays vs. Yankees: 3-3
Blue Jays vs. everyone else: 10-3

Orioles vs. Yankees: 3-1
Orioles vs. everyone else: 3-13.


Joe Formerlyof Brooklyn said...

I am working on reasons to be positive:

1. I bet harness races. I almost never have the horse who is in the lead at the quarter pole. I usually LOSE. But -- sometimes -- those come-from-behind horses rally in the final quarter-mile......

and, BTW, when the horse I bet IS in the lead at the quarter-pole -- he fades in the stretch. Every damn time!

2. Lots of front-runners lead for almost the entire race and then -- they burn out in the clutch. Consider, if you need a reminder . . . Hillary Clinton. Super funding. In theory, half of the people in the country (those of the same sex as she is) would be FOR her. Married to the savviest politician of our times. And her opponent was a clown - yes, with orange hair, to boot!!!

It's 17 months after the election, but she's still freaking out about losing. I wish my horses took losing that seriously!

3. I'd like to think Sanchez and Stanton are not going to be this bad all year long. Maybe they will be. But I am semi-certain that the Boston EvilSOB baby-rapers will not be this GREAT all season long. And, if they are -- well, the rest of any positive discussion is moot, ain't it?

4. The Blue Jays are pretty hot right now. Last night (Fri) their lineup had ex-Yankees batting first, fourth, and fifth. If they can do it with retreads from our organization, it's possible we can do it with the guys we kept.

5. ABoone is in his infancy as a manager. His personal bench is deep (other guys names Boone have some brains). He might learn something and get better at this. Certainly, 9-9 isn't as tragic as what Buck Showalter, with Eons of experience, is producing in Bawlmore -- is it?

I realize some of this is Thin, and the list of negatives is awesome compared with this. I'm working on it.

Anonymous said...

No--make that as anyone who isn't an idiot likes to remind us.

HoraceClarke66 said...

Bitter Buck Anon, I am almost beginning to admire your integrity. Almost.

Joe, well, our one hope might be that this is the era of MLB that most favors second chances.

One-third of the teams make the playoffs, and then if you get hot...

But is that just the blowout today talking?

Anonymous said...

Wait--you think you're abusing me by applying a name to me--"Buck"--that is shared by a man who lifted the Yankees out of the Steinbrenner toilet and saved the franchise? Who is widely considered among the top handful of managers in the game now, or ever? That's your idea of an insult? Then I'm utterly devastated. Why do you feel compelled to strut your stupidity with every one of your posts and comments to this blog? Are you a an Olympian masochist, or just an ordinary fool?

We all love your little tenth-grade book reports on past Yankee seasons. And we await your next report on a single book on advanced baseball analysis that you've managed to read in the past forty years. Just one.

Rufus T. Firefly said...

Racist townie asshole is on a roll.

...just like a tootsie roll in the pool.

John M said...

The real gem is Didi. He doesn't strike about 250 times. He hits with guys on base. He hits consistently, not a streaker. He hits well in the clutch. He plays great defense.

I would trade Judge, Stanton, and Sanchez for more Didis, without blinking. He wins games, unlike guys who tend to contribute more in blowouts...either by us or the opposition.

But, it's early yet. And Gleyber is her to stay, according to Susan.