Monday, April 23, 2018

Think 1966 Indians

Two losses in a row for the Red Sox, out on the ever treacherous West Coast.

Two losses, after the Carmine Hose ploughed through the Los Angeles Angels of El Segundo and even the Japanese Babe Ruth like they weren't the team and player of the future at all.

Two losses. In Oakland.

So far, all we have been told about, regarding the Red Sox this year, has been teams that ran away and hid in the past, such as the 1984 Tigers, or the 1955 Dodgers.

But what about the 1966 Indians? Could that be the real model?

That Cleveland team got off to a record start, going 10-0.  Even after that, The Tribe, bolstered by a deep starting staff that included Sudden Sam McDowell, a young Luis Tiant, Sonny Siebert,  Steve Hargan, and Gary Bell didn't cool off for awhile, getting to 14-1, then 27-10. Even as late as June 12, the Indians were tied for first, at 34-18.

But McDowell, who led the league in strikeouts, had been badly overused the year before, and missed weeks with arm miseries. Their lineup was mediocre, and the pen, even with Dick "The Monster" Radatz, collapsed.

By the end of the year, the Indians were 81-81, in fifth place, 17 games behind Baltimore.

A possible fate for our Red Sox? Well, we can always dream, can't we?

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