Friday, April 20, 2018

The calls goes out, from all the Clans an' the Wee Woolly Beasties...

...where'n is Mike Ford???

Y'kin hear the name, whisperin' in the wind, up the hills an' down the dales, from Balmoral to Brigadoon, where our gallant Robbie still sits in limbo: where is the one mun who kin hold first base for us?

He's Mike Ford, as well they know from Dumfries to John O'Groats, and his time is now.

Tyler One is suspended for looking cross-eyed at various Fenwankies. Walker obviously can't play this (or any) position.

And what do we have at Triple-A?

A fine, mature laddie who is hitting .280, has been an on-base machine everywhere he's gone, and has worked hard to increase his power and to learn to pay the position.

The knock on him, through all of baseball, seems to be that he took time out to go to Princeton, and we all know how having some Ivy League guy at first worked out for the Yanks in the past. But still!

Get the man up here. I know it may be difficult, because MLB has adapted the old "Punish-the Knicks" rules, wherein we officially have to go with a 24-man roster while Austin is suspended. But still!

Time to send down Tyler Too—he's going anyway, folks, as soon as they assure themselves that the Gleyber's back is all right—and move Walker back to the other position he can't play. Time to give this Ford a test drive!!


Alphonso said...

I am all for bringing Lou Gehrig back.

My only concern: he was taken from us, assessed, and spit back.

Someone gave up on him already.

But he cannot be worse than Walker. No one is.

ranger_lp said...

If you are for bringing Gehrig back, does that mean you have to take the ALS challenge? I'm sure there are fine users on this site that will dump ice on your head?

But we all know what you would use the ice for...drink up!!!

John M said...

When I was growing up in Schenectady, there was a budget motel on State Street. Its large sign featured a cartoon Scotsman saying, "Aye, Thrrrifty Rates!"

Years later, I discovered Scotsman were supposedly, frugal, which explained the sign. To this day, whenever I see a Scottish brogue in writing, I think of that sign.

Things were slow in Schenectady.

The only living boy in Wishaw said...

Us Scots are not thrifty with money we are actually very generous and stupid with our money giving it all away cheaply usually on drink and women

Just like our *ace* Sonny Gray and base hits tonight

But the North Lanarkshire chapter of #FreeMikeFord society agrees with you could he do any worse?

HoraceClarke66 said...

Alleged Scottish cheapness actually made it into our presidential politics, with FDR satirizing GOP claims in 1944 that he had sent a destroyer at some enormous cost to retrieve his scotty, Fala.

He capped his ridicule of this claim by saying, "and being a Scotty, he hasn't been the same dog since!" Went over very well.

In fact, Nixon's "Checker" speech was designed in part to stick it back at the Democrats, by bringing in HIS dog.

Just thought you should know.