Saturday, April 28, 2018

Two Huge YWs !

Yesterday, two close acquaintances and I decided to sample some local California wines.

We began in early afternoon, and concluded about the 7th inning of the Yankee game, whereupon I ate a cannibis-laced ginger cookie.

I gave up on the Yankees when Stanton refused to hit a go ahead homer in the 8th, and we entered inning nine down a run.  It seemed our " run," combined with the cross country trip, might have steamrolled us.

The last bottle of Pino Noir still beckoned.  And, with a "cannibis push," it seemed right to uncork again.  By now, of course, I am flying solo.

Soon after, I crashed.  My dreams were bad, given that I was sure the Yankees were just getting beat by a better team.  In a way, Minnesota no longer counted.

As dawn broke, I read a pleasing note on this blog about some pop up falling in for the Yankees.  I continued my mad research and learned that DIDI did it again in inning 10.

I mean, we have come from behind to win at the eleventh hour now, twice, in our last two games.

That is really encouraging.

 And Andujar got back on track with two doubles, both essential in the win.  Not to mention
that " Brigadoon" helped Toronto beat Boston.  That 17-2 start now translates into a 3 game lead.  A pennant race.

Lastly, the Giants ( NFL ) got smarter on Day 2, and thereby made day 1 better.

Back to whiskey today?

Such choices....


Anonymous said...

"Brigadoon" helps the Tampa Bay Rays.

Alphonso said...

Thanks. It is the alcohol.

As long as he helps someone beat Boston!