Friday, August 15, 2008

Bud Selig, are you watching what is happening in Latin America?

Open Letter to Commissioner Selig,

Dear Madam or Sir,

Today, it’s being reported that the Yanks have fired two Latin American scouts, presumably for skimming money from the kids they signed.

The boys they signed.

The 16-year-olds.

If the charges are true, that means the scouts were stealing from minors, taking money from kids who would be high school sophomores in your home town of Milwaukee.

If you think about it, they weren't just stealing money. They were running a truly artful and evil scam of blackmail, coercion, exploitation – good grief – they were buying young boys. Doesn't that sum it up?

Would you entrust your 14-year-old son – keep in mind, most of the wining and dining takes place long before the kids hit 16 – to men who carve off chunks of his bonus for themselves?

What else they were taking?

Mr. Selig, how can Major League Baseball continue to allow the signing of 16-year-old boys to professional contracts.

It is baseball’s version of pedophilia.

You can stop it.

Simply rule that no kids can sign pro contracts with MLB teams until either their 18th birthday or they graduate from high school.

This is sick. This is wrong.

Sir, you will be remembered what you do, and what you ignore. Do not ignore this.

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