Friday, August 29, 2008

Time to Elect a New Yankee Employee of the Month

It seems a lifetime but has only been four weeks.

Ladies and gentlemen, from the thousands of potential working pool YANKEE EMPLOYEES OF THE MONTH, we have culled the finest talent, the sweetest beings, the greatest achievers... but we leave it for you to exercise your Power of Democracy.

It will soon be time for Sidney Ponson to retire off his JULY YANKEE EMPLOYEE OF THE MONTH crown... but upon whose head shall the month of August soon rest?



Anonymous said...

Correction--Iggy was the July employee of the month, not sidney.

Ryan Maloney said...

Bored at work...decided to live blog Sterling's call of tonight's game.

Anonymous said...


My apologies to Mr. Igawa. The season has roared by so quickly, it's a blur.