Sunday, August 24, 2008

Off topic: You'll love this

We pride ourselves on striving for original content, but this thing at is so cool we had to break radio silence to give you a heads up.

Be the first in your office tomorrow to send around the link to Zoom Service, where you can zoom in to anything and everything in high-def at Yankee Stadium.

Very neat.


Anonymous said...

That's pretty cool, and in my twisted mind I could see this revolutionizing internet porn very soon!

Any other stadiums/shots for this feature?

Anonymous said...

Cool, but I wonder what they doctored in the image. I'm sure there was some shit going on that they didn't want to leave in there. We've all see the pictures of the guy getting a BJ in the upper deck (not that it could happen at Yankee Stadium since people actually attend the games) but you see where I'm going.

Anonymous said...

I haven't even been able to find anybody picking nose.

That's because Yank fans are higher caliber.

BernBabyBern said...


The fact that this is taken over the course of 10 minutes makes for an odd picture.

The pitcher has just thrown the ball, but neither the catcher not AROD is ready. Also, where are the shortstop and third baseman? AROD has got a pretty good hole on the left side to aim for.