Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Keep Whining A-Rod Fan; I'm All Ears

It turns out, that "Ross" is an underworld code word in Albanian for "A-Rod" ( literal translation: "one who fails when it matters , is in-love with himself and sets many records while looking in the mirror" ). So our detective agency is reporting that it is Alex himself attempting to denigrate our assaults on the greatest ballplayer in the history of sliced bread.

Dear Alex- Ross : In the interest of fairness and balance, I didn't see you complimenting me this morning (for example) on my correct prediction that you would have a key strikeout or three in yesterday's loss.
But, then, why should someone paid $25 million a year be able to put the bat on the ball in a one run game? Carl Pavano could do that, and he only gets $14 million per.

Probably, you are still basking in the power and the glory of your accidental, bloop single over the first baseman's head.
Nice work, also, running yourself into an out by 15 feet. A good way to stay humble.
How were the Clubs last night? Was the limo on time? Are you in the Toronto gossip columns today? Did your make-up hold up?


Ross said...

Even I was booing A-Rod two nights ago.

Anonymous said...

Welcome home.

Cowgirl-Up said...

He's living in a material world cuz he is a material girl.