Saturday, August 16, 2008

Top Prospect Settles In

Bret Gardener, the Yankees top rookie this year, returned to the Bronx last night.

He flashed a throwing arm, nearly as good as Melky's, when he nailed a Royal trying to score from second on a blooper over Derek's head.

He roamed deep into left center to snag what would have been a double or triple.

H struck out his first two times at bat, reminiscent of his previous trip to the big club. Then, he did nothing in his next two trips, lowering his major league BA below .150. He left 3 runners on base, which Melky was also doing regularly.

" That pitcher seemed to be using a smaller ball than I am used to," Brett offered with an optimistic tone. And those first two strikeouts....the ball just dropped right out of the zone into the dirt. I almost killed myself flailing at that one."

Let's just be happy that the Yankees can reach down into the minors for help, whenever, and wherever they need it.

Good work Brian. And Kudos to your entire scouting combo. While we're at it, congratulations as well on drafting kids who regard their education as more important than arm surgery with the Yankees.


Anonymous said...

I see he still hasn't adjusted his swing. That annoyed me pretty good last night. The dude doesn't rotate his hips to try and drive the ball, and thus he looks pathetic, such as that deep flyball ticketed to Mike Aviles last night. He's got a little league swing.

Seriously, I'll defend the scouts, coaches, prospects, and even the executives and owner to the death, but I gotta wonder: is anybody in this organization doing any actual work on a day to day basis. Girardi gives you the impression that he is, but then you get pretty much the same shit everyday. And he wasn't happy last night that Damon couldn't get the bunt down, so I guess you'll see him out of the lineup again...I mean, is that the only thing that bothered you, Joe? How about Justin Christian's pathetic baserunning ability, getting picked off with a 3-2 count that turned out to be what basically cost us the game!?

michael kei said...

I hope Joe pulls a Scott-Proctor patented burn fest if the Yanks get swept by the Royals at home. They might have to move to the new stadium pretty early if Joe decides to set it all on fire.