Monday, August 18, 2008

Help is Here ; Help is on the Way: Help

The Yankee's latest rookie stuns crowd with home run in first Yankee at bat.

Cody Ransom, elevated to the big club for yesterday's route of the $14 million payroll Kansas City Athletics, brought the stadium faithful to their feet yesterday, with a two run home run in his first at bat as a Yankee.

The only limitations to this otherwise uplifting moment are:

1. Cody is 32. 2. Cody has no upside. 3. Cody does not qualify as a rookie. 4. Cody is the best we've got.

On an equally daunting note, Hideki ( 1-5 yesterday, with a walk ) is bulking up to join the Yanks as a full time DH. And Carl Pavano, after stumping hitters at AA, is pushing for that "open-date " start against the Orioles.

If we give him this audition ( as el Duque has earlier posited ), and the Red Sox sign him after a strong outing, we'll need a volunteer to put tacks in his driveway.

And what of Phil ( "Miracle" ) Hughes? It looks as though the AAA players have figured out both his 89 mph fastball and that second pitch of his ( described as a "breaking ball" in baseball journals ). He got hammered yesterday, reminiscent of what the real Yankees did to Brian Bannister at the stadium. Hammered. Hammered.
And while most starters with average " stuff " have four pitches, as well as pinpoint command and control, Phil maintains he only needs the "deuce," as he is wont to say.

So despair not, my fellow Yankee advocates. All we need is a little help from our friends.
And plenty of that is out there somewhere.


Anonymous said...

Hughes was hitting 93-95 previously, he was 90-92 last night apparently. Indicative of a "dead arm," which is normal considering his long period of not picking up a ball followed by several starts. He's not ready yet, maybe not for this season at all, but hopefully he will bounce back. He got beat last night because he didn't have command, which could go with the dead arm. At worst, Hughes might be able to help the bullpen someday, but he's still so young that I would hold out for him figuring it out as a starter. Pelfrey has finally started to put it together this year, imagine where the Mets would be if they had given up on him...

Anonymous said...

Response to bigjf:

I tend to disparage the guys I hope will make me look bad.

Pelfry is doing well.

Maybe Phil can, as well.

Assuming, of course, he can someday pitch two or more games in a row, without having to go on IR.