Thursday, August 21, 2008

Hank Gets it Right Again: Media Flunkies Love Redsock Bootie

Hank Steinbrenner might become the first human ever to win Yankee Employee of the Month twice.

He has become the new oracle of truth for all who've endured the last 20 years of Gammonite slurs, the pro-Redsock propaganda from the blow-dried oh-dears who hate us with the intensity of a billion suns.

Spake Hank: "Most of the national media is full of Yankee haters."

How dare he!

Oh, how they'll preen, and snigger, and spout journo-phlegm to remind everyone how they once respected the Yankees -- the oldtime Yanks -- but the modern team, it's different.

Little Joe Buck will be first.

His dad told him about Mickey and Yogi. But these teams... and this... Well, I nevah!

Then we'll hear it from Sports Center fratboys, who go to bed dreaming of Dustin Pedroia in a cupless bra.

We were quick to bust on Stubby. After one look, we sized him as a Grade A nincompoop.

You know what? He's no Gene Autry. But the boy gets it right sometimes.

Keep howling, Hank the Yank.

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