Thursday, August 28, 2008

Cardiac Yanks Pull within Six of Struggling Redsocks

Jason Giambi (pictured below) keys big 3-2 victory to keep Wild Card dream alive.

Beginning tomorrow: Three games against Toronto.
If we sweep, we knock them out!
Hear that, A.J. Burnett? We're bringing the Wild Card trophy and comin' to get you!


Anonymous said...

can't wait for today's win warble. if he's gonna break 8, this could be the last real shot. my guess though, is that if the yankees make the playoffs(i know, i know) he could break 10

BernBabyBern said...

And our pitcher against the aforementioned Mr. Burnett?

None other than ...



Woo-hoo!! Keep that Wild Card belt polished, boys!! We're taking it with us when we move to the new place next door!!!!

Anonymous said...

What were Arod's numbers... 0-4 great! looks like he is getting all that out of his system for the stretch run. Those numbers are going to start improving. Maybe we can ride the "A"train for the next few weeks.