Friday, August 15, 2008

Yanks Mourn Loss of First Round Pick

Evidently, Gerrit Cole won't sign.

This is terrible news, especially considering the burned-out shell of an organization that we'd be without our other recent first-round picks.

Andrew Brackman.
Ian Kennedy.
Carl Henry.
Philip Hughes.
Eric Duncan.
John-Ford Griffin.
David Parrish.
David Wailing.
Andrew Brown.
Tyrell Godwin.
Eric Milton.
Shea Morenz.
Brian Buchanan.
Matt Drews.


Anonymous said...

You stopped when it gets good...
1992 Derek Jeter, ss pick 6
1991 Brien Taylor, lhp pick 1
1990 Carl Everett, of pick 10

Anonymous said...

High marks all around for the Yankee US scouts.

Every aspect of the organization has for 8 straight seasons.

Wake up America; the Yankees have nothing in the minors.

I keep hearing how bankrupt the Mets minor league system is. Yet, they have the top-rated outfielder (19 or 20 ) whom everyone wants and is a "can't miss." They have a guy named Murphy they brought up about a month ago who is still hitting about .500. They brought up a closer from AA, whom we havn't seen yet. They have a guy named Parnell in the minors, throwing at 97 +.

And we have Phil Hughes, who lied about his speed, our top prospect Tabata whom we dumped on the Pirates, and that other pitcher from USC who I shall never again mention.

Oh, and a 6'8" 265 pound catcher named after some historical dude who wore robes and sandals.

Anonymous said...

Is this the end of the "Case Has Built Us a Farm" Myth?