Wednesday, August 13, 2008

10 Reasons Why We Should Chuck This Team and Root for the Dodgers

1. Joe Torre. (As if you didn't know.)

2. Don Mattingly. (See above.)

3. Manny (Who really pisses off Redsock fans.)

4. Scott Proctor (OK, big dropoff here, but still a nice guy)

5. The more successful they are, the less the Angels control the LA market and, thus, have more money to spend.

6. Nomar (Which would bother Redsock fans.)

7. They somehow completely destroyed Andruw Jones.

8. If they make the playoffs, excellent babe shots in bleachers.

9. They haven't hurt us in nearly 30 years.

10. Joe. (Come on: We all know he's the only reason, but he's worth all 10.)


Anonymous said...

Go Marlins!

Bostowned said...

Im rooting for the Cubbies for the remainder of the Year!! Haha.

Anonymous said...

I'm rooting for the Phillies because of Jamie Moyer.

Anonymous said...

What a bunch of pussys.

All of you post-96 Yankees fans think the team is entitled to the playoffs every season.

The hard, honest truth? This team, when fully healthy, needed a lot of breaks to go their way for them to make the playoffs this year. And thats fully healthy!

They really thought Phragile Phil Hughes and Ian 'sucks a dank' Kennedy were going to fill out the bottom of the rotation?


This year was the Yankees attempt to rebuild and still contend at the same time. Didn't work out.

In the offseason, I'd be more surprised to see Kennedy still here than to hear Igawa will be the ace of '09. Seriously.... Kennedy, pack your bags. But your wife can stay.

They'll get CC, poss Teixeira.

Moose, Pettitte will return.

Abreu? Gone (FA). Melky? Gone (trade, if he has ANY value at all still). Giambi? Gone (FA).

This team needs to get younger and become more flexible.

And, to solve the CF issue? Jeter.

He can no longer SS. An OF of Damon, Jeter, Nady is very decent, IMO. Sign a defensive whiz SS, CC and Big Tex.

Bring back Andy and Moose.

Then its on.

27 in 2009.

But don't ever give up on the NYY. You sound like pre-2004 Sox fans.

Fucking disgraceful!

The Shamus

Anonymous said...

Shamus, there is no way Jeter is going to CF. His SS hasn't killed us anyway this year...Cano's defense is the real problem.

I haven't given up yet, but I have been watching the Dodgers on Extra Innings. I'm not rooting for the Cubbies though. I'd feel good for Piniella, but I've had enough of these Cinderella stories. We all know it's a Yankee world and these jabrones are just playing in it. And there are definitely some hot hot bitties in LA!

Anonymous said...

We can still pull it out this year. Look at what the Phillies did last year. The Mets always get blamed for the collapse but if the Phillies had given up when they looked to be completely out of it, they never would've pulled it off.

BernBabyBern said...

As a great and wise man once said ...

"Did we give up when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor!!! HELL NO!!!!!"