Sunday, August 24, 2008

Pete Abe quote of the day

The brilliance continues from the Rimbaud of Rockland County:
"Marte’s left elbow was wrapped in enough ice to chill three cases of beer."


Anonymous said...

magic number is 24 for the division, 28 for the wildcard

Anonymous said...

What is the infatuation with the Round Mound of Holy Fatness over at Lohud?

Abraham is the worst type of journalist:

A beat reporter with opinions like a columnist.

Make the world a better place and punch fat Abraham in his face!

Anonymous said...

We love Pete. His blog is a hoot and his reporting is incisive and opinionated, which is what you want a sports reporter to be. (Unless you don't.)

As to his physicality, that's between him and his doctor, his lover and assorted haberdashers.

Certainly someone who leaves anonymous comments does not have sufficient standing to impugn this great professional and our totem of journalistic excellence.

Semper Fi! Excelsior! Compis Mentis! Nil illegitimi carborundum. Beatus Meatus!

Ross said...

And here I was, giving this blog credit for making fun of Tubby's non-funny jokes. Turns out you guys actually think they are funny. Weird, usually you guys have a good pulse on comedy.

Anonymous said...

Well, if we were making fun of him in an incredibly insightful and edgy way, the last thing we would do is tell people.

Comon, man. Use your head.

Anonymous said...

Too subtle.

michael kei said...

Yea, we don't want Interested Reader to pull his link to IIHIIFIIc like he did with NoMaas (not that it affected those guys).

Anonymous said...

Question --

Does the loquacious Lohud get the joke or not? He has been quoted here as being god's gift to a well turned phrase, yet also an ornery fart who would sue to get his picture off the site.

Please excuse my lack of perceptiveness, but I also see him as alternately a blow hard and on the money.

I guess I should check myself in for a consultation.