Friday, November 8, 2013

A Reminder In Re The Definition Of Insanity

I read today that Joe Girardi is bringing back his entire coaching staff. That means only some poor soul from the Yankee gym has been replaced, anywhere in the organization. Doing exactly the same things while expecting ( in the Yankee's case "needing" ) a different outcome, is the definition of insanity. So, aside from a re-shuffling of a few aged, has-been players, the Yankees feel they can have a better outcome next season by doing all the same things, with the same, ineffective people in place. To wit: they will draft players who do not have major league skills, make trades that bring us injured players, fail to develop those few individuals who actually have some skills, and just play the same tired gang of non-playoff slugs. Insane. And by the way, we should expect a worse outcome than in 2013. Insane. Over and over. The modern Yankee way.

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