Sunday, November 17, 2013

Breaking Meh: Yankees sign Zelous Wheeler, Antoan Richardson and Jim Miller

Zelous Wheeler
This is the 2008-09 winter of signing Sabathia, Teixiera and Burnett... except it's for Scranton.

Zelous, Antoan and Jim. (Oh my.)

Well, River Ave puts it this way,  regarding our inking Antoan Richardson, a 30-year-old OF, to a minor league contract: "If nothing else, Triple-A Scranton will have one helluva leadoff hitter next season." 

Yep. Go to Vegas and drop a wad on Scranton. You won't be disappointed. Plus, at only 30, he's a young prospect in the Yankees' eyes.

Then there's Jim Miller. We signed him. He's a relief pitcher. He's 31. He pitched an inning for us in September. Remember?

But the Best Name Award for 2013-14 to Zelous Wheeler, who is only 26 and will play 3B for Scranton.

Nothing against these guys. In fact, it's good to know the Yankees are signing Triple A veterans, because it shows they are facing the reality that their farm system is so barren that, not only is it incapable of producing major leaguers, it cannot even produce Triple A starters. We're signing veterans for Scranton, because we won't have youngsters playing there.

Maybe next week, we'll sign some hitters for Trenton at Double A. Wait a minute! What about the Charleston Riverdogs? Shouldn't we snag some veterans to hold down positions there, too? Meh.

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Leinstery said...

Zealous Wheeler looks like a fat Darrelle Revis