Monday, November 4, 2013

New York Times Thumbsucker Comment of the Day

From Mr. J. Philip Faranda
Briarcliff Manor, NY

"Mr. Selig, 79, plans to retire at the end of next season, with his legacy in the balance."

"Good Lord, what legacy? It was on Selig's watch that drugs turned venerated baseball records into jokes, the separate leagues dissolved, the playoffs became like football and we lost parts of two seasons and a World Series to an abominable, avoidable work stoppage.

"Bud Selig was a mediocre owner conscripted by his fellow robber barons to destroy the power of the commissioner's office so the owners could run the game unfettered by an independent commissioner, with no true oversight.

"The result? On his watch, what he couldn't ruin by policy he allowed to be defiled by complete impotence on substance abuse. Interest in baseball is at an all-time low. THAT is Selig's legacy, and the lemmings will probably still enshrine him in Cooperstown as payback for doing their dirty work."

(Note: He left out the parts about how Selig pays himself more than $25 million per year in salary, keeps the Brewers in his family - while enacting policies that help small market teams -  and once tried to sell ad space on the bases to promote the movie Spider-Man 2, only to be shouted down by George Steinbrenner - who flatly refused. Selig did, however, think it was a bad idea to put the ads on home plate; he said he was too much of a traditionalist.)

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KD said...

Ads on the bases? Bud must watch a lot of NASCAR...