Friday, November 15, 2013

Suggested titles for Derek Jeter's new publishing house

Moby Dent
The Old Man and the CC
The Grapes of Ruth
To Kill a Melkybird
The Magnificent Grandersons
Gone with the Wells
Robbie Crusoe
Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Sax (But Were Afraid to Ask)


Anonymous said...

Those are good titles. But he should go beyond publishing and start something with digital media.

He should distribute a smartphone application for guys who want to send messages to supermodels. The app could be called Jitter, and individual messages could be called Jeets.

Leinstery said...

"The Grandyman and the Chocolate Factory" was practically a layup. A layup that you handled like a women's basketball player.

Unsustainable BABIP said...

A Tale of Two Citos
The Munson Also Rises
The Snows of Kilimancano
The Fall of the House of Steinbrenner
Cry, The Beloved Yaneeverse
The World According to Carp
The Old Man and the E(6)