Monday, November 11, 2013

Neis, Biggio, Garciaparra: The Yankee lineup's statistical dopplegangers

Because we watch them so intensely, it's sometimes hard to gauge Yankee players. I mean: Jeter is Jeter. What more can be said?

Nevertheless, Baseball Reference offers for each player statistical twin, the major league hitter who most mirrors his career output. Thus, Jeter is - I'm not making this up - Craig Biggio. 

OK, let's just consider this a parlor game. Here is the Yankee batting order, based on the most statistically perfect twin for each player.

Bernie Neis (Brett Gardner)

Craig Biggo (Derek Jeter)

Nomar Garciaparra (Robbie Cano)

Ken Griffey (Alex Rodriguez)

Mo Vaughn (Mark Teixeira)

Larry Parrish (Vernon Wells)

Sean Green (Alfonso Soriano)

Kenny Lofton (Ichiro Suzuki)

Walt Tragesser (Chris Stewart)

As for some of our pitchers?
Tim Hudson (CC Sabathia)

Jeff Neiman (Ivan Nova)

Peter Moylan (David Robertson)

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