Wednesday, November 13, 2013


What he should'a said.

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JM said...

OK, I'm late with this one.

On the ESPN/mlb home page, this was a one of the stories listed:

Hal: Yankees will spend money to 'fill holes'

Now, this morning when I saw it, I was barely awake, and no doubt prejudiced by everything I know about the Yankees' recent spending, I thought it said:

Ha!: Yankees will spend money to 'fill holes'

OK, so my half-asleep mind is sarcastic, so what?

Then this afternoon, I went to ESPN again and saw what it really says.

Hal: Yankees will spend money to 'fill holes'

That's kind of disturbing, and the tip-off is the quotation marks around 'fill holes.' You know, nudge nudge, wink wink. I don't know for sure whose holes Hal is talking about...maybe in his crude fashion he's tweaking A-Rod's hot babe problems...or referring to something a lot worse that's available at better West Village sex shops...but I think I was better off with the Ha!

ESPN is just a mine field sometimes.