Wednesday, November 13, 2013

If we scrap the beard ban, the terrorists won

It's old and it's outmoded, and the Redsocks made us look like clean-shaven chumps.

But we cannot give in. Not now.

Someday, after we win a World Series, we can end the archaic ban on facial hair.

But now, more than ever, we must not bend.

So Brian Wilson and David Price reject us? Them's fightin' words.


KD said...

I've decided. I reject Wilson as the Anti-Mo. Do not be deceived, Yankee fans!

Stang said...

Passing on a possibly useful piece because a dead man hated hippies. This is a long, cold decade.

KD said...

it's more than the shoe-polished beard, Mustang.

JM said...

I loved the facial hair of the 70s, when it seemed to have some relevance to being an outlaw or cultural outsider/rebel. Now, it's just a goofy statement of nothing but a player's desire to look as much like a 19th-century Appalachian or lumberjack as possible.

This isn't hippie stuff, this is just another cloying emo fashion statement. The ban should stay--there should be one holdout of classicism in baseball, and we are it.