Friday, November 8, 2013

The Yankees could be looking at both A. J. Pierzynski and Jarrod Saltalamacchia, making this the most hard-to-spell class of free agents in history

I stand by the above statement.

But imagine this: What if we signed BOTH of them?

We might have to switch our allegiance to the Pittsburgh Pirates.


George Ade said...

An aspiring Baseball Magnate once joined a Team, and found Himself entrusted with Decisions. It was No Big Whoop.

One Off-Season, Discouraged by the Imminent demise of the Faithful's belief in his team and Tired of serving his General Manager Cup-A-Soup Lentil through a Tube, He vowed to make a Difference.

Along came another A.J.,clear as Day to the new Suit as can be. But others decided the new Soul was wrong, and signed the New Kid In Town to a two-year contract, overcome in their moment of Spending so much as to Forget how little the Signee had Hurt them.

The Young Man went home that night, Knowing it was wrong to drink Himself into a Stupor right up until the minute he Accomplished said feat. No Sweat.

A.J. batted .223 the next season, Played sporadically, and disappointed Everyone Involved...excepting the Tailors who had to sew letters onto shirts sold to Fans who Don't Know the "No Name, Of Course" deal.

Moral: when in Doubt, take Salty minus Four.


Anonymous said...

Just let the kids play at catcher. Can't be worse than Stewvelli.