Sunday, November 24, 2013

So much for the Jersey Giants

Why did I do this, why did I fall for it... actually thinking the Giants might come back and make the playoffs? Why, why, WHY?

I can tell you right now that I hate the New York Giants. Yes, "hate" is a strong word. It's a terrible word. Nobody likes "hate." Nobody likes haters. But me... I hate that team.  I am a poor sport. I should be booted from the fan base, driven from the league.

I want the Giants to lose. The rest of the way... nothing but losses. I want blowouts. I want the team gone from my life. I want the best draft pick. That's all. This is what the NFL - with all its parity - does to fans. Once you're out of it, you go for the draft pick.  There is no other way to improve. And this is why it's really going to suck when baseball becomes the NFL.

Wait a minute. I am going to do some research on wins and schedules.

OK, I am back.

To get the best draft pick, the Giants need to run the table - LOSE THEM ALL - and go 4 and 12. We probably won't get No. 1. Here's the current Leader Board:

Jacksonville, Houston, Atlanta:  2 wins
Minnesota:  2 wins, 1 tie
Tampa, Washington:  3 wins
Buffalo, Oakland, Cleveland, GIANTS: 4 wins

If the Giants lose them all, they would lose twice to Washington, eliminating that team. (I am boycotting the name of that racist piece of crap organization.) Washington  would have 5 wins.
Jacksonville plays Houston. Somebody has to win. They also play Cleveland and Buffalo - two potential wins. They're out.
Minnesota will be tough to out-lose. It hurts that they tied Green Bay today. We needed them to win that game.
Forget Buffalo. They'll win five. They play Tampa, Atlanta, Jacksonville, Miami and New England. 
Tampa might not win another game.
Houston plays Jacksonville. After that, they'll lose them all.
Atlanta plays Buffalo and Washington. Damn.
IF THE GIANTS DO THE HONEST THING AND LOSE THE REST OF THEIR GAMES, here is the season ending hopeful projection.
1. Houston: 2 wins
2. Minnesota, 2 wins, 1 tie.
3. Jacksonville, Tampa and Atlanta 3 wins
6. GIANTS, Oakland (Raiders have tie-breaker) 
The Giants could draft 7th. 
Damn. Why did we have to face four teams in a row without starting quarterbacks? It's not fair. Minnesota almost beat the Giants, and they didn't even field a pro quarterback. Same with Green Bay. Aaron Rodgers' injury ruined our shot at the draft. 
What an awful time for New York sports. Thank God for Isiah Thomas. That wonderful man successfully weened me from the Knicks. How are they doing, anyway? I used to follow them.


KD said...

You New Yorkers can have them back..

JM said...

They almost won. I think when they were kids they got a trophy for that.